Making the most of Decred’s Open Source Animation library on LottieFiles.

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Decred’s Animation Library on Lottie Files

Decred has a comprehensive library of vector animations available on Lottie Files. Although it’s the broad ambition that Lottie will be adopted as the default way to parse animation data in Decred’s experiences there may be some instances where GIFs are still required over their vector counterparts.

I have put this guide together to inform the best practice of contractors hoping to use Decred’s rich animation library within the many different Decred expereinces currently available or under development.

Although it is not my intention or preference, this guide does use several third party websites of which have no affiliation to…

Asset pack for Plasma Bears content creators and designers.

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plasmaBearBase model.

An Introduction:

Plasma Bears ( features special art pieces displayed on animated cartoon bears, represented by blockchain tokens that people can collect and trade. We want to feature unique, original art pieces and blur the lines between technology and art, by creating a game universe where players can collect, buy, sell, and trade bear parts, and craft their own visually stunning and engaging bears.

Each bear part is represented as a non-fungible token using smart contracts on a blockchain, which means that each part (and the bears that they create), can have monetary…

dcrdesign animated iconset and previously released assets.

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An Introduction:

Hello, fellow Decred Project contractors/contributors; Over the past couple of months I have been working through the dcrdesign iconset instilling life into the various static imagery that previously existed.

I thought that given the amount of work that has gone into creating a comprehensive animated content library, this all warranted an explanation and a few rough guidelines for those looking to work with the moving imagery.

Primarily, the sole objectives of this effort were to:

Arm contributors with a comprehensive set of animated icons (designed by to help develop more engaging Decred application experiences.

Aid continuity across the numerous…


Firethought is an Animation | Motion Design company based on the borders of Exmoor National Park, 🌲Devon. Using Imagery, 🎨 Graphics, and 📊 Data creatively.

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